Collagen Collagen
Vanessa | Age: 45

Once I began drinking the BEAUTI FOODTM Nutritional Shake I was shocked to find my shaker empty, as I am not a typical fan of the smell of soya. Once I started drinking the shakes, I always felt like having more. I found the BEAUTI FOODTM Protein Bars easy to eat and not as hard in texture as typical protein bars. I also loved the convenience of them! I noticed that after consuming the BEAUTI FOODTM products my skin looked more hydrated and healthier than usual. My nails also appeared to get stronger. I would recommend the use of these products for those wanting a different way to improve overall skin health.

Lomkhosi | Age: 41

Prior to consuming BEAUTI FOODTM for 28 days, my skin was very dehydrated. Once I began consuming the products, I noted an improvement in the hydration of my skin. The products were easy to consume, and I enjoyed all the flavours, however, my favourites were the French Vanilla Nutritional Shake and the Chocolate Brownie Bar. I loved that the bars were easy and that they required no preparation time, even when one is tired you can just grab one and go, I loved that convenience. Overall, my skin health is better, and I have noticed improvements in my wrinkles and sunspots and scarring. I would definitely recommend other people try these products!

Alice | Age: 53

Consuming BEAUTI FOODTM for 28 days has done my overall health well. I have seen an improvement in the hydration of my skin and my water intake has significantly improved. My skin has become smooth and hydrated. I have also found that my metabolism has improved, I used to be frequently bloated most of the time and I no longer am.

Melanie | Age: 44

I thought creating a food product with collagen was really awesome! After consuming the BEAUTI FOODTM products my skin felt very hydrated and my nails become so much stronger and grew immensely!

Neo | Age: 43

Before I started consuming BEAUTI FOODTM my skin was dry and very dehydrated, however, after consuming the products I noticed an improvement in hydration on my face. I also noticed somewhat of a glow on my face, which I suppose is a result of the hydration. I felt that my nails have become stronger than ever before and my dark circles under my eyes have decreased. I found the shakes very filling and felt that I could have the shakes as a meal. I would continue consuming the BEAUTI FOODTM products because of the increased improvement in hydration on my face, which I love!!!

Pretty | Age: 27

When I first started consuming the BEAUTI FOODTM products, my skin was dehydrated. But after the 28 days, my skin was perfectly hydrated. I have never really been good with consuming shakes, bars or any other meal/snack replacements, but this time I felt that they were easy to consume. I was very happy with my results after the 28 days and felt that my nails got a lot stronger. The bars and shakes are the perfect portion size. I felt that the bars were very filling and could be used as a meal replacement. I love how much my skin has improved and will definitely be purchasing the BEAUTI FOODTM products.